2 December 2010

You Can Find Inspiration in Everything...

Last night I was lucky enough to attend a great lecture by Paul Smith at Nottingham Contemporary followed by Christmas drinks and mince pies at Willoughby House.
To begin with Smith, full of energy as usual, led us through his profile. He explained how he started out running his first shop in Nottingham alongside his wife, Pauline and Afghan hound Homer, through to how he gains inspiration for the 26 collections now under the Paul Smith brand.
A couple of things that really stuck with me were how hard you have to work to really be able to achieve your ambitions and remain pure to your work ethos. Smith emphasised how 4 days a week he worked to earn money so that the remainder of the week he could do what he was passionate about. Also, how important individuality is; to make each thing special and interesting, to capture attention and most importantly, to show your personality. A couple of things I will take forward into my work are the importance of colour in design and the need to be brave in order to be distinctive! It was a great evening and i was given lots of food for thought! Plus a few mince pies!
Effort Costs Nothing.
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