19 November 2010

Reality Lab: Issey Miyake 132.5 Brand

Today I visited one of the most amazing exhibitions I have seen in a long time! The highlight of Reality Lab exhibition at 21 21 Design Sight was most definitely the documentary showing the production process of Issey Miyake's 132.5 Brand. Emphasis was on the sustainability and recycling, alongside maintaining production in Japan. I could have watched the film over and over but eventually I moved on to view the collection, which explores the process of changing dimensions. This will be a great influence on my current project! Finally, you were invited to play and interact with the designs, making them three dimensional and returning them to their two dimensional form. Great to experience first hand a new concept for clothing and design.

1 comment:

  1. I love this collection. I'm a architecture student and this production process is very interesting for me, if you can change any information with me I'm to be grateful. Thanks.